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The Minnesota State Legislature has approved $3.5 million dollars in bonding funds for the Lake Zumbro Restoration Project. This has the requirement of a local matching fund. We are presently working on raising the matching funds with RPU, the LID and other fund raising opportunities.

follow site Lake Zumbro Forever would like to thank all TV and radio stations covering our restoration project!

Lake Zumbro Forever, Inc is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the beauty, environmental character, recreational quality, and regional value of Lake Zumbro.

Lake Zumbro has filled with a large amount of silt since its creation in 1919. Silt has impaired water quality, adversely affected plant and animal species, made the depth of the lake shallower, limited recreational use and impaired the function of the hydroelectric power dam. Businesses have suffered due to loss of water depth on the lake.

Efforts to restore Lake Zumbro have progressed, and hopefully dredging is proposed to begin in 2016. Restoration will improve the water quality as well as:

  • prevent long range environmental pollution
  • promote health of plant and animal species
  • open up the area for recreational use
  • improve the efficiency of the  hydroelectric dam

Lake Zumbro Forever Inc. is working to ensure preservation of the lake and you can help! Be active in the preservation of Lake Zumbro by donating or volunteering your time today! With your continuing support, future generations of families will continue to enjoy the lake. Lake Zumbro Forever Inc. will work to ensure the lake preservation for years to come.

Here’s where you can help! If you enjoy Lake Zumbro as much as we do, donate or volunteer your time today! Below are proposed updates to take place:





While on the lake enjoy the following:


  • Fisherman’s Inn
  • Mac’s Park Place
  • Ponderosa Bar & Grill
  • Uncle John’s© Ian Broyles. Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0 Marina

  • Kings Marina Campgrounds

  • Mac’s Park Place
  • Ponderosa Camp Ground

Retreat Center

  • Camp Victory

Canoe Rental

  • Boulder Dam

If you would like to learn more about how you can preserve beautiful bodies of water such as Lake Zumbro or for more information, visit Minnesota DNR or Zumbro Watershed Partnership.