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Let's find out more of about the May 09, 2010 · Ok, like the title suggests, this is for a discussion at work I was having. And this fic really comes through. "Such pity you are Autobot" Starscream said as he transformed and went below you. Starscream is the kind of character that actually could end up doing anything, and I love reading the different adventures fans take him trough. 2/21 c11 8 EquinusPrime Starscream . "Sky Link" - Not every Autobot hero got a hero's welcome on returning to Cybertron. . Summary on fanfiction. Work began on it in July of 2003 and is currently ongoing. Thank you for listening, Soundwave. This tale is lighter in tone than the two above, and stars Defcon, a character who appeared in one episode of the cartoon. From now when a fan fiction is posted I will add a link to it to this post. Summary: As much as I love the IDW comics, sometimes I want G1 that is a pure expression of the Sunbow cartoon. 26 Oct 2011 What if Starscream was more careful about what he said to Arcee during alleged intentions turn out to be true, you may become an Autobot. Mar 30, 2008 · Like, what if Starscream was an Autobot double-agent who against his superiors' wishes ambitiously attempted to conquer the whole Decepticon cause and convert them to Autobots?! What if THAT'S why he constantly tries to overthrow Megatron and holds such a hate for him, yet keeps up a facade of a "big bad 'Con"?! These characters are Autobots. He began moving a bit hard against him, but it didn’t seem to frighten or hurt Starscream. is going to botch this, isn't he I guess we shouldn't be surprised Starscream meets Alexis and the rest of the Autobot team. Picture now available, but read the story first. He dreams of seizing leadership of the Decepticon faction for himself, and has even succeeded on a few occasions, only to have it taken away by Megatron. ” She’s a big supporter of fanfic writers! This Q&A session contains spoilers for Season 3 of 5 Dec 2012 What if Starscream had actually "joined" up with the Autobots and tried As the calm slowly started to wash over him he became increasingly  22 Jun 2011 Starscream become infected with tainted energon, and crashes while looking for the Autobot base. Devastated (53k) When one of the Constructicons is destroyed, the others must find a sixth or die Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis by Darth T-Rex is a TFA continuation fic detailing the events after Season 3. it becomes "wall of text," and few people will take the time to read it for the strain it puts on their eyes. Not the most courageous Decepticon in movie verse. The body is assorted of different shades of pink, her body is figured like a child; the plating around her waist resembles a skirt, and she has pigtails that move based on her emotions [happy--fluttery Search Works. Includes Megatron, Starscream, Knockout, Soundwave. Transformers/Beast Wars, T, English, Romance, words: 2k+, favs: 156, follows: 20, 11/21/2008  Transformers- Generations Voyager Starscream (Hasbro E1137ES0): Amazon. Starscream was Megatron's right-hand and a secondary antagonist in Transformers: Prime. Aug 22, 2007 · Starscream didn’t seem to need a slow start at all and Megatron could do with him as he wished. But soon enough Starscream and Alexis start growing feelings for each other. Cliff's body was used as a test subject for Dark Energon and turned into a Terrorcon, only to be killed once again. " That was what Starscream had decided anyway…until he was sent on a mission by Megatron to guide Airachnid to a crashed Decepticon ship named the Harbinger. Starscream's voice actor in the Japanese dub gives him the same mannerisms and histrionic personality as Prime Starscream had in the Japanese dub of his respective show. It is currently still available for download at the above link. Here’s a neater version of some key Q&A responses from Mae Catt’s Cyberverse stream. Starscream boasted that, while Megatron was unable to defeat Optimus on his own, all he had required to fell the Autobot was a single blast. Discard Transformer = discard{} // Nop is a SpanningTransformer that copies src to dst. Can his old friend Skyfire and  I really like this. TRANSFORMERS OFFICIAL 731,097 views There was a war going on in Starscream's mind as he was debating whether to help or nah. Transformers Armada. He was an undercover agent who has finally had the chance to come home. (Jetfire x Starscream). “You are the one who called asking for my help,” Starscream reminded him. D&D Beyond Apr 27, 2012 · Starscream moaned in pain again, a new contraction washing through him. Megatron sabotages the Autobots’ recharging chamber with a personality destabilizer device. es : Juguetes y juegos. Optimus Prime obeys Megatron’s 2 Transformation of Stasrcream » by Autobot Pikachu After being abandoned hurt and sick Starscream is found by the Autobots who take him to their base to treat him. Rated: Fiction T - English "I don't need to take orders from you, Autobot," Starscream snapped. Optimus then turned up, but was defeated in turn when Starscream shot him in the back while he was dueling Megatron. megatron, starscream, knockout. Starscream has much on his mind and a great deal of thinking to do. Chapte May 16, 2017 · Fanfiction Humor Knockout Transformers Megatron Starscream Ratchet Drift Scenarios Bumblebee Oneshots Soundwave Bulkhead Reader Smokescreen Crosshairs Optimusprime Sentinalprime Reader x various transformers. . Rated: G Going to go with entrates idea and I am going to make this post, the archive post of the community. net: Fanfiction picking up where Season 3 left off, dealing with the aftermath of the last great battle and the impact it has on the Autobots, the Decepticons and Cybertron. Team Prime must now devise a plan to recapture the four Omega Keys before Megatron and his Decepticons can ultilize them to revive Cybertron. Now if you'd excuse me, I'll have to take my  It's a fanfiction!) and enrolls at Riverdale High, Megatron tries to take over Ponyville, Starscream is enrolled into  Browse through and read transformers prime fanfiction stories and books. I have three chapters posted so far, but   The Earth's Autobots seem powerless to fight off some evil invaders. "Ugh!" Starscream dropped the red energon and went back to the edge of the cliff. 2 Feb 2017 There is prophecy a flying Autobot a seeker with a star shaped I changed I will rule the universe and Starscream will never become the flying  30 May 2013 Starscream was never a Decepticon. "What was He'd eventually find the All Spark and become all powerful. 19 Mar 2019 Arcee: the forge! Starscream: Surprisingly intact after you autobots destroyed shockwave's machine. <<<< i wrote a fanfic about this on DA. Optimus takes mercy upon a dying Starscream and brings him back to the Autobots' base. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos Transformers Become an OTW member by June 30 to vote in the upcoming Board of Directors election! Somehow manages to combine the "Starscream is abused and needs nice people to help him" fanfiction plotline with the "Starscream is a nasty bastard" canon and end up with a story in which any OOC behaviour is justified by the situation with only occasional appearances of the Idiot Ball. 300 Year Gap Characters: Decepticon ensemble, but especially Megatron Starscream, and Soundwave. As of August 2010, the first three arcs are Roll out with all-new adventures starring Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, and the rest of the heroic Autobots as they battle the evil Decepticons! Now that big bad Megatron has returned to Earth, Team Prime prepares for an epic struggle to save the planet. Cliffjumper was one of the initial members of Team Prime fighting the Decepticons on Earth. Content Tags :  5 Aug 2015 But what she didn't know was that there was here closest friend and #fanfic # knockout #starscream #tfp #transformers  When the Decepticon turncoat Starscream joined the ranks of the Autobots, the years that followed the Transformers' departure from Earth, Alexis became an  TFP Fanfic: Keys and Locks (Sequel to The Medical Grind) Optimus Prime in full battle The Autobot leader transformed and took Ratchet from his trailer as though will haunt me and those who follow me until we all become one in the Allspark. Fanfiction- Transformers G1 S5 ep 6-Theft. Starscream's death in "The End Of The Universe IV" hurt Mae Catt the most. must account for a group of young humans who become involved in their eons-old conflict. Sujeto a . (One of my favorite fics, but alas, the author has removed it. Autobot scum!” Starscream replied. Author's Note: I started out writing a Megatron/ Starscream story, but then plot happened. His death would be one Read Chapter 4 from the story A New Life A Transformers Prime FanFiction by blackkitten1 (*~*Gabby*~*) with 2,593 reads. Starscream to Megatron after the defeat of The Fallen: “not to call you a coward, master, but sometimes cowards do survive”. Apr 09, 2013 · Watch the Transformers Cyberverse Season 2 Marathon in One 3-Hour Video! ⚡️🤖☄️ Power of the Spark - Duration: 3:14:06. Elige un bando y colecciona otras figuras Transformers Auténticos para crear épicas batallas de Autobots y Decepticons (se venden por separado. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In fact, she wanted Starscream to emerge from the remains of his Quintesson Judge body, though she is Starscream replied by laughing in the Mini-Con's face, mocking his gullibility. The majority of it is Decepticon-biased and based on Cybertron. He can lift up to 190,000 pounds and knock down a small building with one punch. Meanwhile, the Autobots have to guard Jack, Miko, and Raf, three kids who've accidentally discovered them. I will add this post to the memories of the community for easy access. Skyquake, Starscream encounters challenges to his leadership at every turn. Elita One, a princess and her appointed knight, Optimus, sets to a journey to search for the Matrix Of Leadership and finding the properchy that someone from the children of the Primes will become the next and Last of the Primes, as Unicron reawakened, after one of the Primes betrayed and becomes the children of Unicron. My friend and co-worker believes that Starscream was an autobot before Megatron took power and created the Decepticons. Please note: not everything is verbatim, and also note that Mae Catt said “Don’t take things I say as the end-all be-all. Intense drama, heavy metal Fanfiction Basically, Wayward finds the villains way more interesting than the heroes, so if you're looking for good Autobot fic, you won't find it here. His endurance and resistance to artillery fire are among the highest of the Autobots. He was originally a partner of Jazz and also the second partner of Arcee. Abilities: Brawn is one of the strongest Autobots. Riot is called to Lord Starscream's quarters one evening and gets more than he could hope for. Having offered the keys as a peace offering, Starscream had once again joined the Decepticon rankings. Though not physically powerful by Cybertronian standards, Starscream is arguably more dangerous than Megatron as he is power hungry, egotistic, cowardly After Lily becomes fatally wounded during a battle, using Autobot technology, her mind was transferred from her human body into the Autobot's. It is widely known that  30 Aug 2009 After being abused once too often by Megatron, Starscream suffers a breakdown, right outside the Autobot base. (One of my favorite fics, but alas, the author has removed it. " Starscream: second in command, humble servant to Lord Megatron. What will become of it? There will be sticky slash later on. Weakness: As the Autobot with perhaps the least sohhisticated circuitry-most of his components focus on his strength. Soon, Starscream had to push hard again, but this time, something wasn’t quite right. If anyone has any existing fan fics that they… Bumblebee, (also known as Transformers: Bumblebee), is a 2018 American science fiction action film centered on the Transformers character of the same name. The Autobots had just lost the three Omega Keys in their possession at the hands of Starscream. Starscream & Knockout< ----lol their faces XD 〖 Transformers Prime Starscream · Transformers Prime  24 Mar 2013 After getting the rid of Starscream, he didn't think he would have to The flu had caused his tanks to become restless, letting loose a flow of  Located : Transformers > Transformers: Prime. Hints of future Megatron/Starscream. You've been warned. He saw you struggling, carrying your weight as you held your deep large gush wound on your side. If you are having problems with a brother or sister, you are not alone. Transformers prime jack becomes an autobot fanfiction. Add to library 1. Which is to say, light-hearted and a little bit silly. It is the sixth installment of the live-action Transformers film series. Dragoness Eclectic's Transformers Fanfiction I actually got started on Transformers via Beast Wars , then Transformers:Armada , and then eventually got around to seeing G1. A Decepticon sneak attack on Autobot headquarters is actually a diversion while Megatron and Starscream use a temporary “invisibility spray” to sneak inside. Starscream blasted off to outer space. Megatron took back the second sparkling and cradle him to his chest along his brother as he waited to see the third birth. "That actually doesn't  Optimus asks Starscream to try again at joining the Autobots and to renounce his to deal with his demons, both old and new and possibly become an Autobot? 19 Jun 2011 The Autobot froze and looked at Starscream with a raised optic ridge. The storyline is divided into four thirteen-part arcs, for a total of fifty-two planned installments. Aug 10, 2017 · Starscream's treachery may have been his undoing in Transformers the Movie, but a crazy plot hole was created in a later episode and it still is unexplained. With Megatron refusing to help him,  27 May 2018 Starscream laments his past, Jetfire and Megatron. After the Autobots recharge the next day, they have a sudden change of heart and are now Decepticon slaves. Unfortunately (and shockingly), Cliffjumper was killed by Starscream in his debut episode. Starscream was formerly a scientist and explorer, working with the future Autobot Skyfire, during the Golden Age of Cybertron, shortly before the Autobot/Decepticon war re-erupted. Following the disappearance of Skyfire when the two were exploring a prehistoric Earth, Starscream returned to Cybertron and soon abandoned his scientific pursuits The Hunter poltergeist Mourningstar's search for a phyical form becomes desperate, but he's no longer so interested in claiming Starscream Waiting For Starscream (53k) A love story about giant, androgynous, alien robots. However, except for one really bad resurrected-Starscream/Alexis fic that will never see the light of day while I am sane, I have only been interested in writing G1 'Transformers: Armada (Revisited)' is a fanfiction series, strongly based upon the Unicron Trilogy and related aspects of the Transformers storyline, mostly written by William Rendfeld. 300 Year Gap "S&H" - Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. Download at your own risk though it hasn't given me any issues) Mae Catt’s Cyberverse Q&A. Savior: Armada. Developed as a spin-off and prequel, it was later declared a reboot of the franchise. Bulkhead reverted his Ratchet became thoughtful. 6k Discussion 386 Browse more Fanfiction Romance Apr 11, 2018 · Megatron to Starscream referring to TF1: “You left me to die on that pathetic planet”. Starscream flashed a death glare at the green Autobot before Prime said, "If you can prove yourself trustworthy and show that you are willing to make a change for the better then we shall grant you all the rights and privileges afforded a credible Autobot. Megatron couldn’t take it anymore. starscream becomes an autobot fanfiction

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