Bts reaction to you grinding

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Seokjin: Jin found the fact that even in your sleep you reached out for him absolutely adorable. Request; Can you do a got7 reaction to when you guys are making out and you grind on him and moan and get embarrassed BAMBAM: He saw your face become a bright red right after you moaned. He almost scolded you but realized why you scared him; it was because you-yourself was scared. JB: He’s face would change from cute to malicious in a split of seconds. Request: Hii, can I have a BTS reaction to you grinding on them? Kim Namjoon. Namjoon: He would be sitting on the couch on his phone and you would just come up and sit on his lap “Hey baby” His hands immediately went to your hips. He pushed his hips up into you, making you moan out ”Daddy”, he pulled back from the kiss out of breath, he was a little shocked at first but he found himself liking the name a lot more than he thought. * help me fix this when you win. Trigger warning, please don’t read if you think your very sensitive, i just want to bring more awareness to it. You see him point to your chest and chuckle. There was no light source, yet you were able to see everything clear as day despite the fact that it seemed like the dead of the night. Sooo … This series of reactions is based on the following anonymous request: Since I wrote the reaction for every member, I took some artistic liberty and changed the scenario up a little for each of them. Jin: …if it helps you Aug 27, 2015 · Jungkook: Sure thing~ but when you’re screaming remember you asked for it… Originally posted by hugtae bts bangtan bulletproof boy scouts bts rp bts roleplay bts scenarios bts reactions bts request bts react bts gif reaction bts kpop kpop kpop bts kpop smut bts smut kpop reactions kpop scenarios kpop rp kpop roleplay namjoon rap monster BTS Reaction | Waking You Up With Oral [M] [Request] A/N: Everything mentioned within this post is CONSENSUAL [[MORE]] Seokjin: Jin groaned turning over in the bed to see you laying there you were BTS Reaction to: you getting really flustered when they call you cute . It's 2012-and you work at Big Hit. He would asked you to join, 28/jul/2017 - Request; bts reaction to you clenching around them during sex Kim Namjoon Namjoon would find it the hardest to keep his cool, wanting to completely destroy you right there and then. He would be giving you that little side smile and give you a peck on the cheek. Jin- The sweetheart would always really adore how you never swear, and think it’s really cute. Reaction: You biting their lip while kissing. Originally posted by mimibtsghost. Don’t worry that wont happen for a long time though. Jin would put his arms around you, pull you closer and letting Jun 18, 2020 · BTS SPECIAL💜| FESTA 2020, CYPHER, PIED PIPER, DIMPLE LIVE, ATTACK ON BANGTAN, BTS MEME SONG + MORE - Duration: 2:43:00. So, in response, you try extra hard to get his attention. Anon: bts reaction to calling their s/o “cute” but theyve never been called cute before so it surprised them, they get all blushy/flustered and kick the boys out of sheer panic later s/o admits its the first time someone ever called them cute and the boys just tease them Feb 25, 2018 · BTS Sexy Moments, BTS hip thrusts, bts tongue, bts lip bite, etc IT WAS SO HARD TRYNNA MAKE THIS BUT I DID THANK YOU SM FOR 4K ILYY None of the videos i used are mine!! Full credits to all of the BTS reacting to you Singing for the First Time - Request A/N: Hello! Sure will :D… Sorry it’s a bit late that I’m doing it *cough* almost 1am *cough* (this is the third in a row where I’m writing May 20, 2016 · BTS reacting to getting a boner while cuddling with you. “i want you to teach me how to give you a blowjob,” you said again, “i want to make you feel good. Gifs are not mine: Cr to original owners. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 82,257 reads. This was requested by @bigbangishome. You don’t know how, because there was no moon. Usually, the dark frightens you, but you felt the strangest sensation of safety. Hiii it’s me again XD sorry if i’m spamming you guys but i have lots of time this week hehe :D sooooo ENNNJOOOOYYY!!!!! gifs don’t belong to me <3. He’d smirk, grab onto your hips, and grind against you, pushing you both to climax. You getting injured while they were on tour. The band continued to answer pre-selected questions from journalists at the event, which took place in Seoul. twitter. Yoongi/Jimin/Jungkook React To You Grinding On Them While Making Out; How Suga/J-Hope/Jimin React When You’re Close With Jungkook; Studying With Each of the Members; BTS With Sons vs. You-“Do you like it?” Sehun-“when did you grow those”. The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. Bts gif reaction to finding out you were sexually assaulted. *looks down at his crotch. request: “can i get a reaction where you are younger than him? like in the future when you’re of legal age and all but they’re 5 or more years older?“ You two were in a heated make-out session, you were straddling his lap and grinding your core against his dick. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought BTS Reaction to You Being Insecure of Your Stretch Marks I haven’t made anything BTS related, so please bare with me if it is not really good! GOT7 ONE HERE! Namjoon:I feel like this boy would worship BTS REACTION- To you never swearing (like ever) and suddenly spouting out a string of swears Inspired by my sudden shouts. I have completed all till Chapter 7 so you could recommend any level you like for  Watch BTS Jungkook hand standing/grinding on stage compilation - Roxy G on TO KPOP BTS - Spring Day (Comeback Stage) BTS REACTION-43j9zkxhGwk. <3 Namjoon. BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. We have gone under lockdown for a while and t BTS reaction to S/O putting their hand in their (BTS) pants GENRE ~ SMUT WARNINGS ~ MAY BE INAPPROPRIATE TO SOME VIEWERS ANONYMOUS ~ “HELLO I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD REQUEST A BTS REACTION TO THEIR Jun 12, 2017 · jin: jin’s eyes would widen at your question and he would making a choking sound from the shock. Chen: Chen would run his hands along your body, his eyes never leaving your face as he memorized your expression. BTS Reaction to You Being Insecure of Your Stretch Marks I haven’t made anything BTS related, so please bare with me if it is not really good! GOT7 ONE HERE! Namjoon:I feel like this boy would worship Jan 17, 2015 · You talk one last look at your dress and smooth it out. Jackson. Anytime that you rolled over to hold him he would lift his arms and let you get into a comfortable position on his chest before replacing his arms around your torso. ” at that statement jin practically groaned. BTS With Daughters; Members React To You Being a Vegetarian ; Yoongi/J-Hope/RapMon Ideal Types; Yoongi/Jungkook React to Your Tattoos; Boxers vs. This guy would not. Jin: *Jaw dropped* You sit him down on a chair and he looks at you questionly. com/DM2mEqrIbn. “w-what?” he would ask to clarify. 4Minute: You See, I Love You More (Sohyun Fluff) A/N: Masterlist is updated every time we Mar 17, 2017 · Werewolf BTS! reaction to being in rut near GF *Slightly NSFW* I will change the request from heat into rut because in ABO dynamics, the person that goes into heat is the one on the receiving end and the person in rut is the one that tops. You see sehun playing on his phone , but looks at you and looks shocked. ‘I guess y/n is really hot huh. BTS reaction to receiving a lap dance from their girlfriend. BTS Reaction 4: To you overworking yourself. 0 replies 6  #BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' TITLE POSTER #2 Pre-Release Single ✅ 2020. raviyeolie-reactions: Xiumin: Naturally dominant, the only thing that would stop him from pushing you onto your back and taking control was how much you were enjoying it. As BTS's manager, their debut is up to you! Is this the beginning of your success story? Will you be able to go back to your  12 Mar 2019 TW: Can you describe an unsafe grinding operation you've had to deal with? with an angle grinder happens before you have time to react. It's where your interests connect you with your people. You wanting a big family . Originally posted by koweans. If you whimper while he's grinding down onto to you, your clothes are  14 Dec 2017 Jimin: It wouldn't be your moans that woke Jimin, it would be your constant grinding on him, you always liked to sleep on top of him  19 May 2018 BTS reaction to you sitting of their lap while making out+ dry humping you to the bedroom he made sure you were still on his lap you grind  11 Feb 2019 BTS Reaction: Fingering You (Hyung Line)Kim Seokjin His dark eyes gripping the back of your hair, grinding his clothed thigh against your  22 Sep 2018 bts reaction | thigh riding anon: bts thigh riding reaction pls!! a/n: was this awkward to write? yes, but here you go anonnie! requests are still  18 Aug 2019 You and Hoseok danced all night, you grinding and twerking on him when good songs came on. You wanted to take a shower after a long day, You were tired and little irritated, so when Your boyfriend Namjoon kept jokingly nagging You, following You around and asking many questions, you said in sarcastic tone: “Do You want to take a shower with me?” BTS reacting to you twerking. Y/N: But it make me feel better. SE BTS reaction: You accidentally giving him a boner JINJin eyes widened as you leaned over him to get remote for the tv, he could see under your top, and your hand traced over his cotch. He’d ignore you, keeping his eyes fixated on what was in front of him. BTS Reaction: You having stretch marks on your arms, tummy, and legs Authors Note: I’m so sorry for my absence. When he pulled him aside and confronted him he’d watch Yoongi sigh with a sorry face and shamefully admit his dream. I’m just trying to pace myself in writing so I don’t get bored of it. I can’t describe how truly sorry I am. Originally posted by defsouljb. ’ Originally posted by missbaptan Yoongi: He’d be full on Bts reaction to you sitting on their lap: Originally posted by softlyjoon. 7 Apr 2019 BTS Scenario: How they give heated kisses This is like the smuttiest thing just how much he loves you through the way his body reacts to your own. Briefs in BTS BTS reaction to You asking to shower with them. JB. The actual, current name of the band. ” YUGYEOM: BTS Reactions: Due to the lockdown, both of you are at home. imokay BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age. You faked  Which stages are best for all the members to grind thier recuperation items. No need to swear. A/N: Please please note I am in no way downplaying the seriousness of the situation we are facing globally nor encouraging any type of discouragement of the required process/lockdown happening wherever you are. “Baby, I’m warning you, don’t do that again” Kim Seokjin. Run bts should be longer How could they let us hanging Also V omg i cant wait @BTS_twt #RunBTS pic. Bts reaction to catching you pleassuring yourself Jin:Now Seokjin is a sweet heart now lets be honest, but I also like to believe that his is sexually confident in himself. You began to feel rather bored, Namjoon was working late, again. Thank You so much for requesting senpai. New BTS Reaction to Hearing You Swear While Ranting. Originally posted by morethangiulia. He’d slowly rock his Once he realizes that your neck is sensitive, he would plant dozens of tiny kisses on your exposed skin and have a great time making you squirm in his arms. May 16, 2017 · BTS: Reaction to you hiding behind them when you’re scared •Jin: Jin jumped a little when you suddenly held onto his shoulders and buried your face into his back. Jin: He’d be offended all the way through. BTS DISCOGRAPHY . Just tone it down and try to forget. He only wants you to be happy and healthy. You finally acknowledged Seokjin's presence. Yoongi: BTS reaction to someone famous calling you their WCE BTS reaction to catching you masturbating BTS reaction to accidentally seeing you naked BTS reaction to your irish accent BTS reaction to you not wanting them to meet your friends BTS reaction to you trying to make them a cake for their birthday BTS reaction when you fall asleep on their shoulder BTS reaction to you squirting (M) BTS bts reaction to : their s/o sitting on their lap during a bumpy ride; kim seokjin : you kept massaging his thigh, your hands ever so graciously grazed around his crotch area. You might be stubborn, but you’re wild if you think he isn’t either. There's was no doubt that he wasn't going to  23 Mar 2018 BTS Reaction to teaching you how to Kiss but get steamy mirror as you grind against him bent over then shot up and spun around to press  2 Jun 2018 You did not say a word about this at home, making him feel as if he was a bad boyfriend. Bts reaction to you sitting on their lap for a car ride. Heeey guys, thanks for all the requests I am getting first of all. MTL: To cheat on you. I am not feeling so well lately and making these reactions really lightens up my day and positively distracts me from all the study stress that I have these last days >. Waleska Herrera 11,456 views. "  26 Jun 2019 You know. You jumped which caused your character in the game, to die. I hope whoever requested this is still satisfied with the results. You-“since 6 grade”. 2NE1: Reaction: You wanting to adopt. BTS Reaction: Crush Sitting on Lap for Car Ride. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. seokjin, dirty, hoseok. Thanks for the request! I’m having some Grey’s Anatomy related feels right now and I needed something to get my mind off of pRESTON BURKE DOING CHRISTINA DIRTY. You smile , hoping you look nice and walk out of the bathroom. Request; bts reaction to you clenching around them during sex. Like he would playfully tease you and maybe give you a nickname like “Munchkin” but he would be so sweet and love how tiny you The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. From then on, you would need to be careful about his surprise hugs because he would be more than happy to give them every day. BTS Reaction To You Hugging Them During An Argument. You run back and play “Slow motion” and start to slowly sway your hips back and forth. preferences, namjoon, jungk Read their reaction to you grinding on them at the club. anon said : Can you do a bts reaction to their s/o having bunny teeth and  19 Apr 2017 BTS reacting to you needing attention. You kissing them on the cheek. pairing: bts x reader fandom: bts warnings: oral sex ; mentions of smut  Read their reaction to you grinding against someone else. could not stop staring at you when he sees you show some skin. Sorry for not posting this week so far, I was a bit stressed because of school…school is actually so stressing when it is the last two weeks as we arrange group pictures and have to get dressed for it and everything and yeah…the scary thing is…next week Friday is my last school day ever before I have my oral Feb 08, 2016 · BTS reacting to seeing you dance traditional/popular dances Hi, i just wanted to give you a heads up that their reaction is based on different traditional/popular dances because i wanted to spice it up a little. 24 Feb 2020 I hope you take care of yourself". (Credit to gif owners) REACTION MASTERLIST BTS:• Suga/Jungkook reacting to you grinding ur ass on them :))) • Jimin/RM/Jhope falling in love with close friend :))) • Bts reaction to you getting dizzy :))) How would they kiss you. all you wanted was to elicit one moan from seokjin but he was painfully quiet. He smirks while kissing the back of your neck while grinding into your backside slowly as you try to play the game without failing. Deciding to spice things up, you moved to straddle his lap, innocently sitting yourself down before you began to slowly, teasing rock your hips back and forth. . Request: *Gifs not mine* Sorry this took so long. Kim Namjoon. Thank you so much! You are perfect haha! It feels so good to see that people enjoy our work, seriously this is the best thing ever ^^ Thanks for your ask, keep on asking and I hope this is what you were expecting ! Kisses and hugs ;) - Admin Rime 1:16pm . Read their reaction to you grinding against someone else. im pissed, wHAT MAKES NAMJOON, YOONGI, AND HOSEOK THINK THAT  Embed Tweet. Request: Can i request a BTS reaction to you being really short? Like 5'2 and under? Thank youuuuuuu!! A/N So imma make it that you are their girlfriend and stuff cuz yeah m8 Jin: I feel like Jin wouldn’t care all too much, he would just find it really adorable. Namjoon would find it the hardest to keep his cool, wanting to completely destroy you right there and then. School beat me up, my anxiety consumed me, and my He would want you to enjoy your day with him in the waters. Jungkook: oh shit…sorry baby, but you kind of caused a huge problem for me right now. bts reaction to you sitting on their lap… anon said : Bts reacting to you sitting on their lap smudging their faces calling them cute please :3 Namjoon: He stayed still when you sat on his lap, his hands coming up to lightly hold onto your hips. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 135067 reads. Preface: You and the boys were taking a quick car ride to a Don’t start what you won’t finish. ” you stared up innocently from your spot between his legs Dec 29, 2017 · Exo reaction to you sleeping with your head on their lap and accidentally rubbing your cheek over their dick while sleeping NSFW warning! Baekhyun: Doesn’t want to wake you up, he really does, but BTS Reaction || Finishing On You [M] A/N: THIS IS SMUT! PLEASE DON’T READ IF YOU’RE UNDERAGE!!! Seokjin: Jin had you bent over a desk in one of the empty studios in the BigHit building, you’d gone to Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 82855 reads. BTS Reaction 5: They unexpectedly get turned on by usual things you do/wear … So, this series of reactions was honestly too much fun to write up and is based on the following request: BTS REACTION TO YOU GIVING THEM A SHOW anon said : BTS AND GOT7 REACTING TO YOU GIVING THEM A “SHOW” 😏😏😏😏😏😈😈😈😈😈 A/N : I am currently only writing for one group at a time, but if you’d like to see the 28 Sep 2017 BTS Reaction | You grinding on them to a sexy songOf course! Thanks for the request, I hope you like it!~ Seokjin You sensually approached  26 Mar 2017 BTS Reaction | Grinding on them Request: Hii, can I have a BTS reaction to you grinding on them? [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon You began to feel  27 Sep 2018 BTS reacting to you accidentally grinding on them during a playful fight. Jaebum tells you to give him 15 minutes to finish up what he had started, but you insisted that you couldn’t wait that long. Seokjin: You jumped up on the bed next to him, making him instinctively grab the laptop on his lap so it  12 Jun 2019 BTS REACTION: You welcome them home with a heated makeout had you pinned underneath him on the couch, his hips grinding into yours. Thanks for the request!:) Hope you like it <3. “come here princess, sit between my legs. “Jagi, you’re so hot. Jin: Y/N: AND THEN HE STARTED TO– Jin: Heyhey, calm down, Y/N. You being thick/curvy. Jin would love the way you clenched around him, thrusting into you harder, begging you to do it Sep 07, 2016 · BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap randomly (bc you’re tired) Requested by @kim-tae-ki Request open! Jin He would not mind it all. 26 6PM #블랙핑크 BTS Charts @btschartdata. He laughed a little at your embarrassment. bts reacts - they’re scared you’ll leave them NAMJOON: He would constantly get anxiety over the possibility of you leaving him, he loved you with all his heart and wouldn’t know how to live on without you, so he takes special precautions to make sure you are always happy with him and never bothered. The boys all knew how much you meant to him so why Yoongi began to check you out was beyond him. 06. yoongi, reactions, seokjin 25 Oct 2017 BTS Reactions - You ask them to take your virginity after an awards His chest is a little shiny with sweat as he gets on top of you, grinding his  13 May 2017 Hoseok simply hummed in response, grinding against you harder. Suga, V , Jimin's reactions if you were grinding your butt against his crotch in the metro Even though Suga is usually a laid back and calm guy, he is also possessive and and can be very needly at You you moaning while grinding on them and you get embarrassed. ” Jackson: Wang would be really excited, holding you by your hips against him. bts reaction to you grinding

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